What are the Pillars of a Successful Social Media Strategy?

Social media has been rapidly growing into the best platform available for promoting a business on the Internet. It not only connects you to millions of users worldwide, but is also effective and economical. More and more companies are turning to social media in order to attract potential customers towards their business. Social media allows you to freely express yourself and build long lasting relationships with customers. This might help your business to grow and expand as it will get the exposure it needs.

Like any other business activity, social media also needs a good strategy. A successful social media strategy is an outcome of some basic points which a person needs to remember. It does not matter if your business is new or old. All businesses need to remember these basics while designing their social media strategy. This article lists some common basic points that a person needs to remember for developing a successful social media strategy. In this article, we will give you some information about things which you should consider while developing a social media strategy.

1) Research – This forms the basis for any strategy. When related to business, it becomes even more important because of all kinds of complexities involved. The first thing you should do is to analyze your potential and set up goals and objectives. Your objectives should be clear to you. A thorough research helps you in knowing which platform is appropriate for your business. Many business owners make the mistake of going for popular social media platforms. You should rather choose a platform that suits your business. Research also helps you to choose among various options. These options can be related to websites, blogs, tools etc. Social media can be confusing and you should always choose a social media platform which can be easily understood.

2) Building relationships – People often confuse the term ‘social media’ with marketing and advertising. Marketing and advertising are just parts of social media. They are not social media as a whole. Social media marketing is all about interacting with people and building strong relationships. Even for business purposes, you need to build relationships with your potential customers so that they can connect to you in a better way. Make people feel that you are listening by interacting with them. You should join forums and discussions to actively interact with your potential customers. Word of mouth is still the best form of advertising which can promote your business.

3) Valuation of results – As mentioned above, you should first set goals and objectives. In the last stage, you should analyze how many of them you have been able to achieve. Take out time to see whether you are achieving your goals or not. If not, try to implement new tools and strategies before time runs out of your hands. Social media is a deadly weapon which should be taken very seriously. If handled with care, it can provide you with fortunes. If not, it won’t take much time before you are off the social media market.

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How to Promote a Website through Directory Submissions

Websites play an important role in the marketing strategy of any business these days. They are used for selling products online as well as give exposure to the business and promote it on the Internet. You need traffic on your website to promote a business successfully and get a higher conversion rate.

Directory submission is the best way to promote your website. It is an efficient way to get back links to your website. It also helps in getting your website listed in many search engines. Getting listed in search engine indexes helps your customers to find you easily. Hence, this results in driving more traffic, promoting a website and subsequently a higher conversion rate.

Let us first explain what directories actually are. There are two types of directories:

1) Dynamic web directory – These directories help in driving traffic to your website, but do not list them with the major search engines. These directories do not provide links to your website, thus search engines cannot locate it.

2) Static web directory – Unlike dynamic web directories, static web directories provide links to your website and list it in search engine indexes. This brings even more traffic and results in a higher conversion rate.

You can either go for a free or paid directory. If you want quick results, it will be better to go with a paid directory. Paid directories are usually faster than free directories. This is the only major difference between these two directories. With paid directories, you just pay for the service and your website is instantaneously added to the directory. In case of free directories, it may take several days for your website to be listed in the directory. Once your website is listed with either one, both are equally efficient.

There are different categories in which you can list your website. Article submission directories have many different categories and thus, you need to know which category your website falls into. This helps to get the best results. You should make sure that the category which you choose is relevant to your business. The other thing to keep in mind is the position of your website in the directory. Most people look for the first two or three pages while looking for a website. So, you need to make sure that your website is listed among the first two or three pages of the directory.

After submission, you simply need to wait for your website to be indexed in major search engines like Google, Yahoo etc. You can notice an increase in traffic to your website once it is listed with different search engines. It is always important for a business that it can be easily found on the Internet. If people are unable to find you easily, you will be losing a lot of potential customers. When you are indexed in major search engines, you will have a higher conversion rate and subsequently more sales.

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How can you Maximize Affiliate Sales

Affiliate marketing is a type of performance-based marketing in which a business rewards one or more affiliates for each visitor or customer brought about by the affiliate’s own marketing efforts. The whole concept of Internet market is mainly done on the basis of affiliate marketing. Companies are constantly researching the Internet market to come up with new techniques and strategies that may be able to increase sales and drive even more traffic. Through affiliate marketing sales, a business can earn huge profits in the long run.

The main challenge of selling a product on the Internet is that users find a lot options and browse through many different websites. Only a handful of those users actually buy something from the Internet. Affiliates are usually not in control of the sales as they depend on websites for this. In this article, we will talk about some ways through which you can maximize your affiliate sales. This article will give a brief of description of how you can easily increase your affiliate sales.

1) Promotion – An affiliate states that you are the owner of any product. A customer will always be approaching you for any queries. You will be the one who will be persuading the customer to buy a product. Hence, you should always choose a trustworthy product. You might lose a customer if the product is not good enough. Also make sure that you know everything about the product so as to easily and effectively solve any queries. Without proper knowledge about a product, you will be unable to explain anything to a potential customer.

2) Research – Try and find out everything about the Internet market. Feel free to talk to customers and even your competitors. This will give you an idea about the latest trends and your rivals. You can thus easily adjust your strategies depending upon the need of the hour. This can only happen if you know the market in and out. A thorough research is always necessary before associating with an affiliate.

3) Customer service – This is the core of any business strategy these days. Make sure that your customers are able to interact with you easily on a regular basis. Solve their queries and tell them about new offers and deals so that they feel special about themselves. This also helps in building trust and long lasting loyalty. Without customer services, you will be unable to keep your existing customers interested.

4) Traffic – Your regular visitors will definitely check out these affiliate links. Hence be choosy while selecting a product. A cheap product might affect your credibility and future affiliate sales. Therefore, research about the demand of a product. These affiliate links will credit you with commission for every sale. Your profit will depend on the product and company.

5) Reviews – These days, everyone buys a product after studying about it. Provide your customers with product reviews. Open a forum in which customers may interact with each other. They may end up talking about your products which will give you an idea about your USPS and weaknesses.

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Maximize Social Media Traffic to Your Blog

Bloggers are always looking for creative ways to increase traffic to their blog. To achieve this target, every blogger looks out for new ways every now and then to maximize frequency of traffic. Blogs are usually created either to promote products and services, or to earn revenue by displaying paid advertisements.  The more the traffic, the more the opportunity to generate revenue.

On the other hand, social media has proved to be the best source of driving traffic to your blog. Thereby, providing a great way to capitalize on the web. As a blogger, you can take advantages of a social media platform to sell your services and attract visitors to your site.

We have listed some proficient ways to enhance traffic to a site through social media networks based on a report of surveys.

1) Send your RSS feed through Social Media distribution tools

RSS feeds are very important for any blogger and like every other blogger, you don’t want your RSS feeds to go wasted. Promote your RSS feed as much as possible. Get other websites to display your feeds so that you can get maximum number of clicks on a single link.

Various social media distribution platforms automatically post your content to your social networking profile as soon as you publish a post on your blog. Hence, saving your energy as you won’t have to put in extra efforts.

2.) SEO tools for your Social Networking profiles

SEO tools, i.e., Search engine optimization tools can bring in large number of visitors to a blog through your social media profiles. This is one of the most popular techniques of generating more traffic. Mixing the power of SEO with social media can drive even more traffic than actually expected.

For example, you may create a Facebook fan page and link them all together. The About Box of the fan page plays an important role in driving visitors to your page. Make it keyword rich and leave some reference URL of your blog/site. The search engine inside Facebook will then start doing its work and will crawl the links between your pages.

3.) Promote your topic via Social Groups

Consider creating and participating in social groups and discussions as much as you can. This can serve as a back-link in future and is highly beneficial for your blog. Choose a social network where users are highly active and available 24*7. Create a topic and invite people from your network to join the discussion. The motive is to make it interactive and engage people in this discussion. In these kind of discussions, you are likely to find professionals participating. Send timely notifications and e-mails, but remember to not spam. Usually, group discussions end up in spamming. Administer and monitor the discussion well and participate equally.

We hope you will find these tips useful for your business. If you are a blogger, then engage yourself as much as you can to promote your blog and maximize the traffic to your website.

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Drive Free Traffic from Google

One of the main reason business owners fail to achieve success on the internet when promoting their website, is due to the fact they do not understand how to drive qualified traffic to their website.  Driving targeted search engine traffic is one way to achieve higher conversion rates.  Of course you can use a PPC (pay-per-click) strategy to drive qualified traffic to your website, however it requires an ongoing investment and the competition is stiff.  But in cases where you do not want to spend a lot of money, there are free ways through which you can easily improve your search rank in Google.

1) Choose a good domain name – Keywords are important, even when it comes to domain names. When registering a domain name, make sure you have a keyword in it.  This could help in improving your search engine rankings.

2) Choose keywords properly – Search engine optimization is an excellent way to get noticed. Keywords should be chosen properly in order to get a higher ranking for your website in Google search engine. Make sure that keywords appear in the content of your website. If you do not put them in, it would seem as spam content when Google crawler discovers such keywords on the Meta Tags section, but absent on the content itself. Make sure that you use keywords in the beginning and the end of your content.

3) Write good content- This is the most important part if you want to drive free traffic from Google. Content should be genuine, exclusive, and high quality. Quality content is one that is grammatically correct, punctuations are well placed and keywords are not stuffed. Make sure you use only two to three percent keywords in your content. Moreover, keywords should also be relevant to your content. There are many different ways to find the best keywords to use. You can use Google trends or use software which provides you a list of keywords for a certain topic.

4) Building Back links – This is the best way to drive traffic. By building back links on top sites, you have a chance to virtually double the number of people that visit your website. The number of links you have going out of your site will determine how high you rank on search engines. While linking to external sites, make it an anchor link that utilizes your primary keyword that you are targeting to link back to your site. Anchor links work better than just your simple website links. There are so many sites with a high quality public relations system. Even some of the social bookmarking sites have a very high quality public relations system and they are perfect for building a quality linking system.

5) Building external links – Search for top web 2.0 sites like blogger, wetpaint, and submit your content. Building more back links to your website is extremely necessary. Use an anchor link within the content which links back to your website. This will surely bring more traffic to your website.

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How to Effectively Implement Social CRM

Social CRM is growing rapidly in the sector of social media. Companies have finally realized that without interacting with consumers and understanding their needs, there is no chance that they can grow and excel. Even small companies can now afford to develop the same type of CRM capabilities which earlier only large companies could manage. This can be done through Social CRM software, which is now used by most of the companies.

Businesses can now use the right kind of technologies and software in order to implement Social media CRM in a better way. Small businesses have an upper hand as they can interact with their consumers on a regular basis. They can even have personal one-on-one interactions. Hence, it can be summarized that large companies have manpower and technology to implement Social network CRM just like small companies can indulge in one-on-one interaction. The middle section companies face a very hard time in implementing Social CRM.

Middle section companies usually do not have enough manpower to handle all the activities related to Social CRM. But, the problem is that they have a consumer base of more people than they can handle. Many medium size business owners are thus too afraid to implement Social CRM and lose a lot. Others who try without the right manpower and technology often fail to capitalize on the opportunities and end up blaming the whole process.

The key for such business owners is not to focus on Social CRM as a whole. Implementing all different activities might prove to be dangerous for their business. Instead, they should try to stick to the activities which suit their business and can be handled easily. It’s a mistake to think your content is so impressive that you can use its creation as an excuse to not do the hard work of determining the proper metrics for your efforts. You should also keep a vigilant eye on how well the efforts you’re pursuing are paying off. To be specific, measure everything from your research to your success.

Another important thing to keep in mind is to listen to your customers. Social CRM is all about interaction with people and not just technology. Businesses run for profit and customers are the key to earn that profit. You should also try to interact from a personal account and not just a company profile which may seem to be a bot. This is even more important for small businesses as they have to cover up their lack of technology and manpower with one-on-one interaction.

It’s better to deliver excellent content to a limited number of channels than it is to deliver so-so content all over the place. In this social networking era, good content can be a force multiplier and get your presence in front of more eyes than the ones you initially targeted. In case you are interested in knowing all about Social CRM, do not keep an eye on small and big businesses. Instead, take a look at how medium size companies work in that area as they are the ones which would be putting everything to succeed with Social CRM.

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How can you Easily Promote a Website?

Websites form an integral part of any marketing campaign these days. Every business firm has its own website through which it intends to drive traffic and subsequently increase sales. Websites also make your presence felt on the Internet. Firms not only make accounts on social networking websites, but also have websites so that they can promote their brand or product in a better way. Firms which do not have a website these days are not considered to be professionally good.

When we say that websites can be of a great advantage to your business, we actually mean that this will be the case if you appropriately promote your website. Not doing this the right way can be a disaster and your website will die even before you know it. In case of a new business, the need for promoting a website increases. Hence, in this article, we will explain the different ways through which you can promote your website in the right manner.

How to Promote a Website

 1) Directories – The first step after creating a website is to list it with several popular directories on the Internet. These directories send huge traffic and increase your rankings in different search engines. Your website should be present in all major directories as soon as it is created. Your next task is to get the folks at Google to notice that your site exists and is worth a place in their directory. This might cost you a fair amount of money if you are running a commercial site, but it is usually worth it.

 2) Search engines – Directories will be increasing your traffic but you should also understand the whole concept of search engines so that you can effectively use them to boost traffic to your website. Website promotion and search engine optimization are completely linked with each other. In other words, search engine optimization is the foundation of website promotion. Using keywords is also necessary if you want to increase your rankings and want people to easily find you. Submitting your website to various indexes is also important as this makes your presence felt on the Internet.

 3) Promotion and Marketing – The last thing to do is to promote your website after you make your presence felt on the Internet. Without promotion and marketing, no one will be able to recognize your brand and you will be able to sell your products or services on the Internet. There are many different ways to do this. You can use banner ads, back links, e-mail signatures, Usenet advertising, article submission etc. Using all these techniques in the right manner will help you to promote your website so that people can easily find you. Moreover, this will drive even more traffic to your website and subsequently a higher conversion rate.

Most people do not put in time and efforts needed to promote a website. This is the exact reason why many people fail while doing this. The secret of having a successful website is thus working hard and devoting time with full dedication.

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How can you create good content for a blog?

The most common mistake that marketers or individuals make while developing content for a blog is underestimating their audience. Think of your audience to be as smart and as thoughtful as you are. Sometimes, they should even be considered smarter. When you have the same feeling and thoughts, you push yourself to write the best possible content. You do a thorough research on whatever it is that you are writing.

Blogging serves many purposes. It can be used as a platform to simply express yourself,  , drive traffic to your website, and is even used by marketers to promote their business. Blogging is not as difficult as people think it is. You need to keep a few basic thing in mind.  Designing content while keeping these basics principles in mind can help you excel easily. In this article, we will look at the basics of content writing that will help you in creating good content.

1) Information – Gather as much information about a given topic as possible. A thorough research is always necessary to write some good and genuine content. Try to analyze and do a thorough research about the whole topic on which you are writing. Be curious and be passionate as this will help you gather the maximum amount of information. Try to be sharp in observing things around you. Try to talk to people who are in any way related to the subject. Keep yourself in your customer’s position to analyze what you would like to read about the subject.

2) Socialize – Being social on the Internet is usually fun and informative. You can easily connect to people through social networking websites. This will let you open up and ask about the subject. Get connected to different people so that you know what people are interested in. You would be astonished to see how unknown people can help you with different ideas. Socializing is the best way through which you can know changing market trends. You may also get to know what people like to read.

3) Analyze your competition – A content writer should always be humble. He should try and analyze the works of other writers even if they are his competitors. Find ways in which you can write better than them. Do not copy anyone. Analyze their writings and simply find out why you are lacking behind. Complementing your competitors once in a while can also boost your confidence and earn you some respect.

4) Be entertaining – There are many different ways to be entertaining. Entertaining does not necessarily mean that you have to add humor to your writing. However, it is important that your writing should be able to keep your readers interested till the end. Thus, a blend of different things is necessary. Some of them can be:

  • Write sentences of different lengths so the text doesn’t feel monotonous to readers.
  • Try writing interesting stuff.
  • Remember that people prefer to read happy things, and to share them.
  • Please use humor only where appropriate.
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SEO & Reputation Management in Houston TX

“Everything is big in Texas”.

In Houston, products and services are known to be given at great values in comparison to other cities. Local businesses are fighting to give more for less to attract customers. The realization is consumers find and compare the “biggest bang for their buck” through internet research.

Because of companies like Groupon, consumers have gained access to promotions that help businesses gain a competitive advantage online. A great example- Houston is known for the amount of food & beverage establishments in the city. You can visit Groupon’s Houston page and be inundated with  restaurant deals that offer a way to get a lot of food for a fraction of the price. Ex. ($90 worth of steak for buying a $20 coupon).

Even if there is a jaw-dropping deal, online shoppers still research where they will spend their money. In order to validate whether a deal is too good to be true, you must look at the company’s reputation.

If one were to type “Best Steakhouse Houston” in a major search engine, the results will display restaurants that have dedicated time to optimize their site so they can be found. If the site has feedback, then you know the people that have gone out of their way to comment on their experience have a strong good / bad opinion of the business which can help you make a decision. I would be weary of a site with  no reputation.

The economy is decent in Houston, and many businesses know the importance of SEO & reputation management because of the results they have seen.  The companies who don’t see importance of internet marketing can not see the opportunity they are missing out on, and only can see who they are competing against. Companies should understand that there is a dollar amount associated with the amount of reputation a business has online. With a decent economy, it is not a long shot to say there will be a return on the investment of building reputation.

Online shoppers depend on what other consumers opinions are about a company. Looking for feedback is almost a standard part of the shopping experience. If reputation is missing, consumers will turn to their social networks to receive feedback.

I think Houstonians love the idea of shopping online instead of having to commute everywhere. Public transportation in Houston is non-existent compared to cites like New York. Developing reputation online should be a priority to websites who have products or services in cities like Houston. If a customer is driving 20-30 minutes to visit your area of business, you can bet they will do research on where they plan to go.



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Internet Marketing in Houston

In Houston Texas, there are well over a 100,000 businesses. Manufacturing, Oil & Gas, Energy, Healthcare/ Medicine, Information Technology, and many more industries make up it’s economy.

Houston Skyline

There are many opportunities that can be generated by Internet Marketing in Houston.

The internet connects business to consumers all over the world, but because of a physical presence in a city like Houston, it is important to capture opportunities by marketing on the local level.

Digital advertising and Internet marketing are becoming the standard way to reach local markets. Many business in Houston know that being highly visible online, utilizing social media, and managing online reputation are keys to a successful online business strategy. Internet Marketing in Houston is becoming more competitive every day, this trend is also happening in every city all over the world.

ClickTraffic has done online market research on many industries in Houston. The results we found were very surprising. Besides industries like Insurance, and loans, there is room for businesses to get on the first page of major search engines!

Internet marketing in Houston is an important thing to consider if you have a business there. Houston business owners have it good in comparison to the competition levels of getting on the first page of major search engines in other large cities like New York or San Francisco. Having said that, results will ultimately depend on your industry no matter where you live.

To all the business command centers who are looking to grow their business online, I say…

” Houston, we have an opportunity”

Albeit, competing online in the 4th largest city in the nation is no easy task. It takes a dedicated, and seasoned expert who has experience in various industries to be able to make a real difference in your website’s success.

There are many companies in Houston that offer internet marketing services, but few that actually focus on developing online opportunities, and that act as an extension of your marketing arm.  ClickTraffic (Internet Marketing Agency in Houston) has been helping businesses in Houston, and all over the nation to design websites, develop applications, and generate online opportunities.

If your business is searching for an Internet marketing company that can help you develop a successful Internet marketing strategy, then you need to give ClickTraffic a call today!


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