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Why Do Email Marketing

TweetDo you need to get your message out quickly? Got a new product you want to introduce to people? Or maybe you want to offer a promotion or a discount on a service? If so, you need to turn your … Continue reading

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Google Panda Update 3.9 Released!

TweetWhat’s the obsession of tech companies using animal names for updates and software? Maybe they simply love animals, or could it be that they are trying to symbolize some action the update or software will take? Google, like all other … Continue reading

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Is Pay Per Click Right for your Business?

TweetIs pay-per-click advertising right for your business? In order to gain clarity on the answer you have to evaluate the advantages, drawbacks and your alternative options. What you choose to do will be contingent on your short and long term … Continue reading

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The Power of Video Marketing

TweetIt can be argued that the demand for online video content changed the face of the internet. Website successes like YouTube, which has become a top 3 search site, helps validate that statement. Understanding the power of video marketing online, … Continue reading

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