Customer Engagement through Social Media Marketing

Businesses are promoting their brands, services, and products through social media network not only because it’s more cost effective, but because of its greater reach and massive appeal to audiences around the globe.  You can find social media in websites to tv commercials, magazines to radio, billboards and business cards – It’s in your face everyday.

The ability to reach millions of people though social media networks has created an enormous marketing opportunity for businesses.  So how can you get customers to engage with your product or service through social media marketing?

Well, consumers obviously cannot directly interact with your product or service online. If you provide a place where they can interact with each other about your business, then consumers will begin to engage. By using social media websites like Facebook, LinkedIn, or Twitter you can create an medium to develop content that manifests discussion, and reputation. The customers engaging within your social media sites greatly impact the decisions consumers make on what to buy, or whether to do business with you!

The key is the content you that you provide or incentivise to create amongst your target market. Constant activity, frequent posting, writing relevant articles are extremely important to keep your audience interested.

It is one thing to get someone interested,  but another to keep them interseted. I would higly reccomend having a dedicated asset who manages your company’s social media. In house content manager can be very benificial, but for around the same cost of personel you can have a firm who specailizes in social media and much more.

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