Do I Need A Mobile Website?

We have been hearing this question a lot from our clients.. ”I have a website but do i really need a mobile website?” The answer to this question is simple – YES!

Here are a few reasons why a mobile website is a must in today’s environment.

1. More and more people are using smartphone and tablets to look up information on the internet. Having a mobile or tablet ready optimized website will make it easier to surf your website.

2. Over 10% of internet traffic comes from smartphones. You can find out how much traffic you’re generating from smartphones by looking at your website stats. If you see a good amount of traffic, you should consider developing a mobile website.

3. About 1/2 of all Internet searches for LOCAL products and services are performed from mobile devices. Do you ever find yourself looking for something nearby to dine at by using your mobile device?


Mobile Website Comparison

4. Your website will show up higher in search results if you have a mobile optimized website.  So when someone does a search for you on a mobile device, you will show up higher in the search rankings.

5. Mobile websites load faster thus making it a better experience for your visitors.

Hopefully that should give you some reasons why you should consider developing a mobile website for your business.

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