Google 1st Page Ranking vs. 2nd Page Ranking

The value of being listed on the first page of Google is tremendous. According public data, 95% of organic search traffic comes from being listed on the first page. But, how much of that 95% your website gets depends on where you’re listed in the top 10 positioning, with the first spot getting almost a 1/3 of that traffic!

The first listing on a search result is the most coveted because it has always been clicked on the most. I rarely scroll down to the bottom of the page anymore or to the 2nd page. If i can’t find what i want on the first few listings i usually tend to refine my search term.

Being on the second page is a consolation prize, or better yet a pat on the back. Yea, you did a nice job of getting ranked in the 11th or 12th spot, but maybe if you work harder you will get to the 1st page of Google!

Businesses often thinks that having meta tags, keywords, and title tags are enough to get the job done. WRONG! Maybe 10 years ago it was achievable, but not today. Every business wants to be ranked high on the first page and more importantly stay there.

IF you’re trying to achieve a high ranking on competitive keywords, you should either have an in house SEO expert, or work with a company that can provide proven results. In today’s competitive Internet landscape, this could mean a lot of business or very little.

If you are looking for a internet marketing company that can help you achieve 1st page rankings on major search engines, then give us a shout! I hope you found this article informative and welcome your comments.

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