Google Panda Update 3.9 Released!

What’s the obsession of tech companies using animal names for updates and software? Maybe they simply love animals, or could it be that they are trying to symbolize some action the update or software will take?

Google, like all other search engines, generate search results for you by using a proprietary algorithm. In order to be the best, Google constantly changes and updates this algorithm up to 600 times per year! Along with the multitude of minor updates, Google will push 2-3 major algorithmic updates that can significantly affect your search results. The most recent update is called “Panda 3.9”.

Released midnight July 25 2012, Panda update 3.9 aims to remove websites with low quality or thin content from Google’s search results. They claim the update should only affect about one percent of search results, but at the same time should be enough to notice change.

Panda 3.9

Panda Update 3.9

Follow your website’s ranking closely the next few days, and if you find that the Panda update has had a negative effect on your website, then chances are you have been approaching SEO the wrong way. A good search optimized website should have nothing to worry about, in fact, those sites should rank up.

Google wants reputable websites to be at the top of search results, and getting recognized by their algorithm takes expertise and commitment. If you have a good SEO company working for you- GREAT! If you manage your website “in-house”, then a here is a few ways you can avoid being affected by major or minor updates like Panda 3.9:

  • Webmaster’s Guidelines – If you click on this link – You will find the best practices to help Google find, crawl, and index your site. Google is handing you exact directions to a high rank in search, so follow it!
  • Caution – Beware of shady link building or link purchasing. Google is smarter than you, and they will find out and remove your site from search results.
  • Embrace Social Media – Get your message out there, and build some links naturally!

Overall, I think Google is trying to stay competitive by providing you with quality search results, and at the same time sending a message to site owners, “Get rich, or die trying”- Curtis James. In all seriousness, these updates will promote sites that have focused on content and traditional marketing techniques.

For those of you, who are new to SEO, get an expert to help you with your website. Who knows? It could be a panther coming after your site on the next update!

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