How to Promote a Website through Directory Submissions

Websites play an important role in the marketing strategy of any business these days. They are used for selling products online as well as give exposure to the business and promote it on the Internet. You need traffic on your website to promote a business successfully and get a higher conversion rate.

Directory submission is the best way to promote your website. It is an efficient way to get back links to your website. It also helps in getting your website listed in many search engines. Getting listed in search engine indexes helps your customers to find you easily. Hence, this results in driving more traffic, promoting a website and subsequently a higher conversion rate.

Let us first explain what directories actually are. There are two types of directories:

1) Dynamic web directory – These directories help in driving traffic to your website, but do not list them with the major search engines. These directories do not provide links to your website, thus search engines cannot locate it.

2) Static web directory – Unlike dynamic web directories, static web directories provide links to your website and list it in search engine indexes. This brings even more traffic and results in a higher conversion rate.

You can either go for a free or paid directory. If you want quick results, it will be better to go with a paid directory. Paid directories are usually faster than free directories. This is the only major difference between these two directories. With paid directories, you just pay for the service and your website is instantaneously added to the directory. In case of free directories, it may take several days for your website to be listed in the directory. Once your website is listed with either one, both are equally efficient.

There are different categories in which you can list your website. Article submission directories have many different categories and thus, you need to know which category your website falls into. This helps to get the best results. You should make sure that the category which you choose is relevant to your business. The other thing to keep in mind is the position of your website in the directory. Most people look for the first two or three pages while looking for a website. So, you need to make sure that your website is listed among the first two or three pages of the directory.

After submission, you simply need to wait for your website to be indexed in major search engines like Google, Yahoo etc. You can notice an increase in traffic to your website once it is listed with different search engines. It is always important for a business that it can be easily found on the Internet. If people are unable to find you easily, you will be losing a lot of potential customers. When you are indexed in major search engines, you will have a higher conversion rate and subsequently more sales.

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