Harnessing the Power of Linkedin for Your Business

There are many ways that a LinkediN presence can help your business connect with industry groups, potential customers, employment candidates and other aspects of business networking. Here are some tips on how to leverage the benefits of LinkedIn for your business.

1. Enhance your profile. The profiles are the centerpiece of the network. Your profile contains essential information that members use to determine how they may connect with you. Therefore, the more complete your profile is, the greater the chance that people will be motivated to communicate with you.

For example, ensure that your summary is complete with as much information as possible to increase credibility. Also, add essential business information to the profile that highlights aspects using essential keywords. This will make it possible for people to find and interact with you, using the network’s tools.

Enhancing the profile provides a gateway for industry partners, potential clients and employees to contact you directly. With regular status updates you can keep the profile fresh, automatically reminding members of who you are.

2. Construct a LinkedIn company page. Creating a company profile will increase the visibility of your business, as well as yourself. Company profiles offer members the opportunity to review information about businesses. The page should include descriptions, numbers of employees and the industry they serve. Develop a professional looking profile for your company including a logo, feed from the company blog and location information. Connect all of these aspects through other social media networks for the most positive results.

3. Engage with connections. Participate in LinkedIn Groups and Answers and join a small business group. Communicating with like minded people can provide business support, while offering you the opportunity to expand your network.

Join groups that are not only from your company industry, but also those of related business and interests. Expanding your connections is much more easily accomplished by using these tactics. Potential clients may find your profiles through groups, since group members may directly message each other, regardless of whether they are officially connected.

4. Expand and monitor the network. Import existing contact lists from email accounts to see which contacts are members and connect with them. The system will automatically recommend the people you already might know, based upon the details of the existing contacts. Make it a habit to regularly scour through existing contacts to find more people to connect with.

5. Pursue recommendations. Recommendations are a key feature that members view on profiles. They establish credibility and authority, while also raising your profile. Recommendations are also an excellent way to secure new clients. One way to increase recommendations is through participating in the social media aspects of the network, such as Questions and Answers and also by joining groups.

Request recommendations from satisfied customers and others that you have assisted in your networks. Satisfied customers are usually one of the best resources for obtaining new clients.

6. Recruitment. Use the search tools to find people from groups of passive candidates who may be suited to your key business roles. Change the status on your profile to “hiring” and then post job listings to all of your groups to attract talent. Premium accounts enable direct messages to be sent to prospects that you are not connected with.

Also use LinkedIn Recruiter, a specialized social media company product. This application allows for engaging with and also hiring from a passive candidate network.

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