Maximize Social Media Traffic to Your Blog

Bloggers are always looking for creative ways to increase traffic to their blog. To achieve this target, every blogger looks out for new ways every now and then to maximize frequency of traffic. Blogs are usually created either to promote products and services, or to earn revenue by displaying paid advertisements.  The more the traffic, the more the opportunity to generate revenue.

On the other hand, social media has proved to be the best source of driving traffic to your blog. Thereby, providing a great way to capitalize on the web. As a blogger, you can take advantages of a social media platform to sell your services and attract visitors to your site.

We have listed some proficient ways to enhance traffic to a site through social media networks based on a report of surveys.

1) Send your RSS feed through Social Media distribution tools

RSS feeds are very important for any blogger and like every other blogger, you don’t want your RSS feeds to go wasted. Promote your RSS feed as much as possible. Get other websites to display your feeds so that you can get maximum number of clicks on a single link.

Various social media distribution platforms automatically post your content to your social networking profile as soon as you publish a post on your blog. Hence, saving your energy as you won’t have to put in extra efforts.

2.) SEO tools for your Social Networking profiles

SEO tools, i.e., Search engine optimization tools can bring in large number of visitors to a blog through your social media profiles. This is one of the most popular techniques of generating more traffic. Mixing the power of SEO with social media can drive even more traffic than actually expected.

For example, you may create a Facebook fan page and link them all together. The About Box of the fan page plays an important role in driving visitors to your page. Make it keyword rich and leave some reference URL of your blog/site. The search engine inside Facebook will then start doing its work and will crawl the links between your pages.

3.) Promote your topic via Social Groups

Consider creating and participating in social groups and discussions as much as you can. This can serve as a back-link in future and is highly beneficial for your blog. Choose a social network where users are highly active and available 24*7. Create a topic and invite people from your network to join the discussion. The motive is to make it interactive and engage people in this discussion. In these kind of discussions, you are likely to find professionals participating. Send timely notifications and e-mails, but remember to not spam. Usually, group discussions end up in spamming. Administer and monitor the discussion well and participate equally.

We hope you will find these tips useful for your business. If you are a blogger, then engage yourself as much as you can to promote your blog and maximize the traffic to your website.

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