The Power of Video Marketing

It can be argued that the demand for online video content changed the face of the internet. Website successes like YouTube, which has become a top 3 search site, helps validate that statement. Understanding the power of video marketing online, and how to harness it for your website can be pivotal to your success.

Video Content has been around for a good amount of time, thus evolving trends can teach us a thing or two. To fully understand the power, it would be wise to look into past trends first.

Internet marketing experts observed that visitors of sites preferred watching informational videos over reading generic content. As videos became more advanced and professional, consumers became more engaged. Videos about company branding, products, and demonstration were shared and that caused web traffic to increase.  Video engagement allowed businesses to bring consumers, from all over the world, an interactive experience.

Eyes & Ears

Video is Captivating

Initially, attempts to replace other media with video were short lived because of the quality and the average internet download speeds were slow. As technology infrastructure got better, online consumers became like “kids in a candy store”- they had access to unlimited amounts of info which resulted in visitors with less patience and short attention spans. I believe over time, consumers became harder to engage.

Past trends showed us that video power gives you a visual that engages visitors, increases traffic, promotes your brand, and provides you with opportunities.

Today, video is still a top visual on websites, but the main difference is in how you can measure its success. Costs, time, and integration of media have become very business friendly. For example, Google has started an AdWords for video campaign where you can pay per video click. In the campaign, Google will market your video and provide you with detailed stats on how it is doing.

With today’s computers and blazing internet speeds businesses can now afford to have someone view a video as a first impression. In reality the true power of video marketing has not been realized, because as technology changes so do the possibilities of how you can reach your target market.

In order to harness its power, you must get it visible and create an online video that induces an emotional response which is marketing 101. Videos impacting consumer emotions haven’t changed, and never will. Once you have done that, all you have to do is get people to see it!

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