Why Do Email Marketing

Do you need to get your message out quickly? Got a new product you want to introduce to people? Or maybe you want to offer a promotion or a discount on a service? If so, you need to turn your attention to Email marketing!

Email promotions and offers can generate immediate action: sales, inquiries, subscriptions, etc. While well constructed and informative email newsletters direct visitors to events, create awareness, strengthen relationships, develop trust and loyalty.

Email Marketing Facts – It Works!

  1. Email marketing is one of the least expensive marketing channels. The Direct Marketing Association reported that email marketing generated an ROI of $43.62 per dollar spent on it in 2009.
  2. A report by the DMA found that open rates for house lists have increased to 14.92% with click-through rates in the high single digits at 9.36% and conversion rates in the mid single digits at 5.25%.
  3. 74% of smartphone owners use their devices to check their email (Gartner).
  4. 81% of tablet owners use their devices to check emails (Gartner).
  5. Investment in email marketing is projected to grow from $1.3B in 2010 to $2B by 2014 (Forrester).
  6. 59% of B2B marketers say email is the most effective channel in generating revenue (BtoB Magazine).
  7. 75% of small to medium-sized U.S. business websites (SMBs) lack an email link on their home page for consumers to contact the business (BIA/Kelsey).
  8. 89% of retailers cited email is the most mentioned successful tactic overall according to Forrester Research.
  9. According to the Email Experience Council, utilizing a professional company and/or their tools often helps to increase response rates up to as much as 87%.
  10. 75% of daily social media users said email is the best way for companies to communicate with them, compared to 65% of all email users according to a study by MarketingSherpa (2010).

No matter how you decide to tackle email marketing, you can rest assured that you won’t be wasting your money. The Ad effectiveness Survey by Forbes Media in February/March 2009 revealed that email and e-newsletter marketing are considered the second-most effective tool for generating conversions (Search Engine Optimization was rated only slight higher to get 1st place).

Remember to link your emails to a page on your website and then use that link to make posts on your Facebook, and Twitter sites. It’s important to get your message out, and using both email marketing and social media together is a powerful combination.

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