Why online video is important to E-Commerce websites

It’s becoming more and more important to include video when promoting your products on your e-commerce website today.

You have probably noticed a huge increase in the use of videos to sell product online. You can find product videos on major sites like amazon.com, cnet.com, newegg.com and many others.  This alone is enough evidence that video marketing is effective and a good enough reason to get involved with online video marketing yourself.

One of the great aspects of using videos it that it allows you to demonstrate the use of a product that may be difficult to convey in words.  That’s why products sell better on TV commercials rather than a newspaper ads. When people can see a product in use, they can immediately grasp what the product is for, and how they can use it.

Another advantage that videos have is that they relatively easy to make.  You can take a video recording on your smartphone or digital camera, edit it with free editing software (http://www.desktop-video-guide.com/top-5-free-video-editing-software-review.html), and then optimize it for your website.

The growth of YouTube should be enough to convince any skeptic of the direction the internet is taking. Last year over one trillion views of a video took place on YouTube, and this according to YouTube themselves. Although many of the videos were not trying to sell anything, it certainly demonstrates the growth and power of online videos.

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